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 for the Gil Soundtrack Award 2022


The Gil Soundtrack Award is an international award given every two years to the best new original soundtrack for a short film, which changes with each competition. It is promoted by GIL FAMILY ESTATES, a 100-year-old wine group (1916-2016) with 10 Spanish Denominations of Origin and sales in over 40 countries. The shorts for which an original soundtrack is to be provided always explore values associated with the land, vineyards and family, in the context of economic, cultural and social commitment. The characters in the story seek to move us with the music around them.

After the success of the third award, held in 2020, GIL FAMILY ESTATES has organised the Gil Soundtrack Award 2022 under the title Lo que siembras (What you saw).


1. The award is open to composers of any nationality or place of residence who are at least

18years old and who have not reached the age of 36 by 31 December 2022, with the aim of promoting young talent and providing support in their years of training and at the start of their professional career. Participation will be on an individual basis and collectively composed works will not be accepted.

2. The Gil Soundtrack Award 2022 will award a single cash prize to the value of 50,000 euros (before tax).

3. A single work may be presented per participant, consisting of a soundtrack to the short Lo que siembras, which may be viewed and downloaded with a mix of dialogue and provisional ambient sounds at www.gilsoundtrack.com. The competing works must be original and completely new; they may not have won a previous award or be pending a decision in another competition; nor may they have already been released or disseminated in any form. The participant guarantees that the work does not include fragments or references subject to third party intellectual property rights, GIL FAMILY ESTATES being exempt of all liability in this respect.

The composition must strictly match the following orchestral ensemble:


12 violins I
10 violins II
4 double basses


3 flutes (3rd doubling piccolo)
3 oboes (3rd doubling cor anglais)
3 clarinets (3rd doubling bass clarinet)
3 bassoons (3rd doubling contrabassoon)


4 horns
2 trombones
bass trombone
1 tuba


1 timpanist
4 percussionists.
(bass drum, tam-tam, snare drum, tom drum, drum kit, crash cymbals, suspended cymbal, triangle, anvil, waterphone, wood blocks, temple blocks, chimes, lyre,vibraphone, marimba, xylophone).



Only the instruments in this list may be used in the composition. Not all the instruments mentioned need be used, only those required for the instrumentation of the work.

The composition can have spaces without music if the composer considers it necessary for the story.

By way of guidance for participating composers, the key points the story in the short is trying to convey are the following: connection and commitment to the land; family values; respect for the environment; thoroughness and good work, and the sentimental bonds between people and the land.

4. Participation is free. The period for presenting works for the competition opens on 9 February 2022 at 12 a.m. and ends on 24 June 2022 at 4 p.m. Spanish time

5. Competitors will present their works under a pseudonym and use the participation platform www.gilsoundtrack.com to send the following documentation in three files, which must not exceed 20 MB in total.

5.1. An audio MP3 file with the name of the title of the work (which should not be the same as the title of the short film Lo que siembras), containing the demo of the competing soundtrack with its original orchestration. The beginning and end must match the duration of the short: 7 minutes and 7 seconds. The MP3 file should include the music only, without the ambient sounds, dialogues and voice-over from the short. All non-musical texts must be in English or Spanish.

5.2. A PDF file whose name is the title of the work, which must include the complete score for orchestra. The score should be headed with the title of the work.

5.3. A PDF file with the name PLICA + title of the work, which must include:

5.3.1. The title of the work.

5.3.2. The pseudonym and details of the competitor (full name, nationality, postal address, email address and phone number).

5.3.3. Copy of a valid national ID card, passport or official identity document that includes the date of birth.

5.3.4. A signed statement guaranteeing that the work presented for competition is original and new, has not won a previous award, is not pending a decision in another competition and has not been released or disseminated in any way under its current or any other title.

6. A Selection Committee will choose 12 works to be assessed by the Jury. The identity of the Selection Committee will remain anonymous. Both the Selection Committee and the Jury will be made up of renowned figures from the world of music. The Jury will also include a representative of the GIL FAMILY ESTATES business group.

A list of the 12 selected pieces and the titles of the presented works will be published on the website www.gilsoundtrack.com on 8 October 2022, having first informed the selected composers. The finalists will be given their corresponding accreditation diploma and will be asked to send their CV and portfolio for assessment by the Jury, who will choose the winner from among them, assessing not only the work but also the CV and portfolio.

The Jury will issue its decision on 29 October 2022, which will then be published on www.gilsoundtrack.com. The Selection Committee and Jury’s decisions are final. The award may not be declared void nor may it be shared.

The organisation reserves the right to contact the winner before publishing his or her name, with the aim of coordinating attendance at the award ceremony. The winner must maintain secrecy until publication of the Jury’s decision. The winner must produce and deliver on the same date a 20-second piece and a 1-minute piece chosen from the part that best represents his/her work for the promotional purposes of the competition. It is an obligatory condition for the winner to collect the award. If not, then the second-placed contestant will be the winner.

7. The winning composer agrees to provide all requested material required for the premiere of the work and all documentation accrediting the content of his or her CV, statements and portfolio by 13 November 2022.

8. The premiere performance of the award-winning work will take place, as a limit date, on 3 December 2022 in Madrid, and will be performed simultaneously with the projection of the short. On receiving the award, the winning composer agrees to participate in events promoting it, with travel and accommodation expenses paid, which means the winner will freely grant his or her image rights and the intellectual property rights to the winning work.

9. The composer of the winning work exclusively and with no time or geographical limitation grants GIL FAMILY ESTATES the rights to exploitation, exhibition, dissemination, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication and any other legally transferable rights in relation to the winning work in their broadest meaning and with the maximum legal scope possible.

10. Participation in the competition means acceptance of these terms and conditions, as an unavoidable condition for competing for the prize. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will lead to disqualification. The competition organisation will rule on any unexpected issue or matter not covered in these terms and conditions, with no right to appeal. The official version of the terms and conditions for all purposes is the one written in Spanish.

11. Material received for non-winning works will not be returned and will be destroyed once the award has been presented.

12. No appeals will be accepted if the competition cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances.

13. For any disagreement arising with regard to interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the participants, waiving their own jurisdiction, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid.

14. The data provided by the participants are subject to Spanish personal data protection law. They will be included in the ‘Gil Soundtrack Award’ file created by VIÑAS FAMILIA GIL for the purposes of managing participation in the award, informing the finalists and the award winner of the Jury’s decision and any other information regarding the award. The file will be registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Data subjects may exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection by either of the following means: by post to GIL FAMILY ESTATES at Portillo de la Glorieta, 7 bajo derecha, 30520 Jumilla (Murcia) Spain; or by mail to the email address: music@gilfamily.es.

15. For any doubt or clarification, please contact the Technical Secretary’s office of the Gil Soundtrack Award provided by:


E-mail: music@gilfamily.es


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