Poster 2022

Official Call for the IV Edition of the International Soundtrack Award promoted by Viñas Familia Gil


"Lo que siembras" (What you sow) is the short film chosen for this edition, for which the applicants will compete to compose the soundtrack. A story full of emotions and feelings that represents the values of the Gil family; values such as tradition and the fact that it is important to be part of a family even if you were not born into it. This is what happens to Pilar, the protagonist of our short film, who has lived her whole life devoted to a family that treated her as if she were part of it. And now that her memory is starting to fail her, a member of the family takes care of her, giving her back the affection and love that she sowed in his childhood.

In the words of Carlos Alonso, its director, "Lo que Siembras” is a story whose key moments are not told through dialogue, but conveyed through image, sound and, above all, music. The soundtrack is therefore an essential element for the narrative and understanding of this short film. We are looking for a soundtrack that immerses us in Pilar's psychology: a lady with a strong character, self-confident and with a touch of pride, but also warm towards the people who became her family and vulnerable with respect to an illness of which she is unaware.

The soundtrack should have these different colours, from funny moments to more melancholic moments, but never losing hope. And of course it should highlight the emotionality of the moment in which Pilar remembers what she had forgotten without falling into something grandiloquent, but always adhering to a close and human story".

The deadline for entries is now closed.

The 12 finalist compositions will be published on October 8.

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