Participation is open to the Gil Soundtrack Gil Award 2024

07 / 03 / 2024

The fifth edition of the Gil Soundtrack Award, created by the winemaking group Viñas Familia Gil is underway.

The deadline for submission of Works will be opened until July 17, 2024. This biannual international award, created in 2016, means the consolidation of an award unique in its category and the largest in the world.

The award consists of composing the best soundtrack for an unpublished short film. The prize is 50.000€ and it is the largest and leading award in the world for young composers between 18 and 35 years old. More than 500 works have been presented by musicians from all five continents.


“Off-wine, intelligence can be artificial, the earth, cannot” by Gerard Vidal is a short film about a fearless dystopic harvest, for which each applicant has to compose their own BSO.
“Off-wine, intelligence can be artificial, the earth, cannot” is the second short film created by Gerard Vidal Cortés (Barcelona, 1994), who is the winner of a screenplay contest held with the prestigious ESCAC centre (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya).
The short film proposes an intriguing fearless harvest that will face two antagonistic harvesters: a man disconnected from all technology and a woman without any human relationship, both in a fully robotized environment.

A graduate of the ESCAC, Gerard Vidal won more than 35 awards and was selected in more than 140 festivals with his first short film, "Tahrib"; he also run for the Goya Awards and was nominated for the Gaudí Awards. In 2018, he won two awards at the Málaga Film Festival with the film "La filla d'algú" (Someone’s Daughter), co-directed with his colleagues at the centre. 

Ivana Baquero, main character of the short film “Off-wine, intelligence can be artificial, the earth, cannot”, produced by the ESCAC

Ivana Baquero won a Goya award for Best New Actress at the age of 12, for her performance in the film “El Laberinto del Fauno” in 2007. She also won the Biznaga de plata for Best Actress at the Málaga Film Festival, for her work on “Demonios tus ojos” in 2017, as well as the ACE, Spanish Actors Union, Imagen Awards and Saturn Awards. She has also worked on international series for MTV and Netflix.

The short film, directed by Gerard Vidal himself, was shoot, among various locations, in Jumilla, and produced by ESCAC ESTUDIO, with an important post-production including Ai and 3D.

The technical team, of about thirty people, has been formed entirely by students and graduates of the school.

Esther García Rodríguez, Executive Producer of El Deseo, will head the 2024 jury


The election of Esther Garcia as president of the jury of the fifth edition is not casual. Committed to equality, she is considered one of the most outstanding women in Spanish cinema.

She has won 3 Goya Award as Producer Manager for films such as ‘Acción Mutante’, ‘Todo sobre mi madre’, and ‘La vida secreta de las palabras’. Many of her productions have won this award: ‘Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios’, ‘Volver’, ‘Relatos salvajes’, ‘El silencio de otros’ and ‘Dolor y Gloria’.

She also won the National Film Award in 2018 .She has stood out for her production model associated with self-reliance and the promotion of new values. She has produced more than 90 films and numerous television series, in addition to working along Pedro Almodóvar since 1986. Among the directors she has produced with are, Guillermo del Toro, Álex de la Iglesia, Daniel Calparsoro, Andrés Wood, Isabel Coixet, Lucrecia Martel, Pablo Trapero, Felix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso, Diego Galán, Gonzalo Suarez, Oliver Laxe, and Mónica Laguna.

media/NEWS/files/19/.tn_1709810221_patrick_doyle.jpg  media/NEWS/files/19/.tn_1709810262_bruce_broug.jpg
Patrick Doyle                                 Bruce Broughton
media/NEWS/files/19/.tn_1709810230_hildur.jpg  media/NEWS/files/19/.tn_1709810278_amenabar.jpg
Hildur Guðnadóttir                      Alejandro Amenábar

In the four previous editions, the presidency has fallen on international figures such as the Scottish Patrick Doyle, autor of the BSO of “Sentido y Sensibilidad”, “El diario de Bridget Jones”, “Harry Potter y el Cáliz de Fuego”; the American Bruce Broughton, author of the BSO  of “Los Rescatadores en Cangurolandia”, “MoonWolker”, “El Joven Sherlock Holmes”; the Icelandic Hildur Guðnadóttir, Oscar winner for ‘Joker’ and the Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar, and composer of some of his film soundtrack such as Tesis”, “Abre los ojos”, “Los otros” o “Mar adentro” which made him an Oscar winner. Also, for other directors, such as "La lengua de las mariposas" by José Luis Cuerda or "Nadie conoce a nadie" by Mateo Gil

Relevant figures and talents from the musical composition industry, both nationally and internationally, are represented on the jury for the fifth edition of the Gil Soundtrack Award.

The main aim of the jury is to vindicate music, the BSO, as the universal identity of each audiovisual or entertainment work, which sets emotions and contributes to remain in the collective memory forever.

CBased on this premise, this international award, unique in its category and the richest in the world, aims to promote and strengthen the early careers of thousands of young composers, tasked with providing universal emotional identity to films, video games, documentaries, and audiovisual projects of all kinds.
An award that has promoted the professional beginning of four musical careers
Marco Valerio Antonini (Italy) won the 1st Gil Soundtrack Award edition, Ana Kasrashvili (Georgia) the 2nd one, Bernardo Rojas (Colombia) the third one, and David Heymann (Germany) the fourth.

Their professional careers received, with the award, a transcendental impulse to make music their way of life.

The BSO is, in the world of audiovisual and entertainment, what defines the identity of each work, fixes the emotions in the spectators, and acquires the ability to remain in the collective memory forever.

Viñas Familia Gil: more than a hundred years of commitment to the land and culture
il Family Estates is a centennial winemaking group (1916) with its own vineyards and wineries in 10 Spanish appellations. and a presence in over 50 countries.

Its international prestige is guaranteed by the quality of its wines, the respect for the richness of the land where they are produced and the sustainability of its facilities.

Gil Soundtrack Award unites music with the land, underlining the value of commitment and effort to bring out the best in us, every day.
As Viñas Familia Gil promotes with its cultural patronage and with each of its family vineyards. Rescuing young talents and unique grape varieties, creating amazing wines in quality and nuances, of great complexity and elegance, reflection of their commitment and love for each land.

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