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Gil Soundtrack Award ends its third edition vindicating young talent, culture and film music

14 / 12 / 2020

Actors and musicians have supported the premiere in Madrid of the winning work, in a familiar and warm act that values effort and improvement.

Soundtracks, cultural professionals, actors, musicians, even the Oscar winner for the BSO of "Joker"... all of them participated in the premiere in a small committee and with strict security measures, of the winning play of the Gil Soundtrack Award 2020. With warmth, familiarity and emotion for live music, the third edition of the world's most important soundtrack award was completed, and the best with 50,000 euros. A 29-year-old Colombian musician and composer living in Barcelona won among 250 works submitted by young people from 49 countries. Bernardo Rojas, has provided music and feeling to the 8-minute short film "Somos Tierra", signed by Agustina Macri. Actors such as Carlos Santos, Imanol Arias and Tristán Ulloa, together with the Film Symphony Orchestra with its 80 instrumentalists, have given their support to this international award, promoted by the Spanish winery group Gil Family Estates.

"Many people ask us what Gil Family Estates is doing by organizing a soundtrack competition, when we're in the business of making wine", explains Ángel Gil, co-owner of Gil Family Estates, "and even more so, when we decided to keep it going in March, at the start of this pandemic, and take it to the end in spite of everything".

"We want to be grateful, show solidarity... give back to society a small part of the much it has given us, in these times that are more than ever before", he says.

"The members of the jury have had to make a major over-exertion due to the very high participation in this edition", recalls Miguel Gil, co-owner, "and I would like to remind you that this year's participants have made us feel proud to see how a prize promoted by winegrowers to give life to the careers of young composers, now has the complexity and the tenacity to keep it alive", he states, "and most of them are under 30 years of age".

"This music means essence, union, simplicity and life" - this is how Bernardo Rojas, winner of the Gil Soundtrack Award, described the work that won the third edition of the competition in this 2020. According to its author, "the value of each note arises from the inspiration rooted in self-love, the desire to learn, improve and give one's heart to art and life".

The premiere of the winning soundtrack features a live performance by the Film Symphony Orchestra.

50,000 euros for the winner, destined to complete his musical career

The Gil Soundtrack Award is an international Spanish award, unique in its category and the largest inthe world. It was created in 2016 to mark the centenary of the Gil Family Estates winery group as anact of gratitude towards society and with the aim of highlighting the work of thousands of youngcomposers, who are responsible for giving universal emotional identity to films, video games,documentaries and audiovisual projects of all kinds.

Video of the premiere:

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