Somos Tierra Silver Gold in NY Festival

09 / 02 / 2022

Gil Family States triumphs at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2021

The event, which every year recognises creative excellence in the audiovisual sector in more than fifty countries, has awarded three prizes to the short film Somos Tierra, the protagonist of the international soundtrack competition Gil Soundtrack Award created and promoted by the Gil Family States winery.


The short film was recognised with a silver medal in corporate image in the Sustainable Development category; two bronze medals in Branded Content and Script, as well as being a finalist in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. The work is an emotive reflection on the importance of caring for the countryside and love for the land, values that are part of the essence of Viñas Familia Gil.


Somos Tierra was the short film produced for the III Edition of the Gil Soundtrack Award, the largest international Soundtrack competition for young composers. A competition that awards 50,000 euros to the best soundtrack for a short film. Despite the difficulty of the call, in the midst of global confinement due to Covid-19, this Spanish competition achieved a record participation of 250 young musicians from 49 countries.

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